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Law firm specializing in advice and litigation relating to business and corporate law
with very strong expertise in IP - RGPD and Technology - Innovation.

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Trust and
total involvement

The independent firm is anchored in Luxembourg but benefits from an international network to guarantee advice and services that meet high standards of quality, agility and ethics. We put the satisfaction of the client's experience before the volume of files handled by a highly personalized service.


Media and Telecommunications Law 

Luxembourg member representing the Lexing network, lawyers specialized in digital law and advanced technologies.

Intellectual and industrial property law 

A specialist lawyer from the filing to the eventual pleadings before the national or European courts.

Data protection law

Over 15 years of expertise and knowledge of market practices and analytical acumen

Labor and Human Resources Law 

Member of the Luxembourg association of lawyers specialized in labor law

Corporate law - business life and ethics and governance

We intervene for our clients during different phases of the life of a company in the operational as well as in the governance.

Biotechnology and life sciences law and pharmaceutical law 

A single point of contact, a legal professional able to respond effectively and master the keys to understanding the protection of tomorrow's inventions for our innovative clients.

General or specific social and legal training 

Our intellectual curiosity, our ability to synthesize and transmit information to develop our clients' knowledge for better growth.


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