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Media and Telecommunications Law

The firm represents the "Lexing" network of lawyers specializing in
in digital law and advanced technologies.

International speaker in media and telecommunication technologies law, highly experienced Emmanuelle Ragot (Tier 1) knows perfectly the interests and constraints of the various actors and the reality they face.

Our flexible legal solutions adapt to the needs of our clients and to the new legal risks to be covered with relevant contractual solutions. Our transversal approach facilitates the management of ethical, legal and technical risks. We intervene for :

- drafting contracts related to new technologies;
- setting up partnerships (R&D, distribution and subcontracting)
- legal risk coverage when delegating to virtual assistants and using artificial intelligence;
- liability for defective products and damages related to the use of robots or artificial    intelligence;
- protection and security of information systems;
- data flow management and compliance of Internet of Things applications etc... and
- ownership and protection of robotic innovations, ethics and human rights.

Within our network of lawyers, we advise and defend the interests of our clients as litigators and are also appointed as arbitrators - legal experts by the courts.

Intellectual and industrial property law

A firm specializing for more than 20 years (Tier 1) in the protection, marketing and  defense of these rights before national and European courts. 

Former Member of the Council of the Benelux Intellectual Property Office, Expert at the World Intellectual Property Organization, the firm assumes the total management of the file.

A graduate of the CEIPI, Emmanuelle Ragot collaborates with specialized professionals for international registrations and valuation of rights. The protection, exploitation and defense of our clients' innovations are an essential discussion when we get to know our clients' projects.

The elaboration of strategies for the international development of intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights and software, databases, know-how and trade secrets) is aligned between vision / protection of legal risk and the economic interest of our client.

Data protection law

15+ years of expertise (Tier 1) ensures a mastery of market practices and technical analysis acuity.

Our know-how in this field has been recognized in international country rankings for over 10 years. We train our clients' legal departments, HR departments, and the Board through targeted sectoral sessions during important legal changes. Compliance, the impact of the RGPD on projects, litigation related to the responsibility of data manager or data processor, we anticipate together and pursue the necessary adaptations.

Our experience in the fields of :

- tech, banking, funds, insurance, industry, health services, security, logistics...;
- our presence for more than 24 years in Luxembourg; and
- our excellent relations with the various supervisory authorities etc...

give our advice and contractual practices an appreciated and recognized relevance.

We intervene alongside the crisis management team of major local and international players
and international players, notably in the insurance sector, in the event of a data breach or
data breach or cyber attack.

Labor and Human Resources Law

Member of the Luxembourg association of lawyers specialized in labour law.

Our global vision of advice - negotiations - alternative solutions and litigation, allows us to guide you locally or internationally. We find flexible and adapted solutions in all stages of the employment relationship, from negotiation to potential conflict management and in the event of company restructuring.

We are at your side for your needs related to recurring or specific issues of :

- Recruitment ;
- Drafting, negotiation and execution of employment contracts (amendments, salary    regulations endorsements, salary statutes, work regulations);
- Support during eventual controls by the authorities (CNPD - Inspection des Mines);
- Advice on sectoral regulations;
- Due diligence;
- Dismissal;
- Regulations related to the obligations and rights of the employer and the employees;
- Employee representation;
- Protection of information in the workplace;
- Harassment, discrimination, protection, welfare at work and privacy at work;
- Protection of privacy in the workplace;
- Social criminal law; and
- New approaches to Telework post COVID.

Commercial and Corporate Law - Business Life, Ethics and Governance.

Active in the startup sector and in private equity linked to innovation. A support linked to business life.

A team is established with the skills and communication required for the company's culture in order to incorporate the company, organize the relations between shareholders, prepare the entry of investors, negotiate - draft the contracts.

We are at your side in your relations with institutions - authorities but also with your customers - users, investors, partners, competitors.

We intervene at your side during the different phases of the company's life and accompany you in the growth, in the operational and in the governance.

Biotechnology and life sciences law and pharmaceutical law

A unique dynamic of exchanges able to respond effectively to our innovative customers.

We have a proven track record in this sensitive area due to our experience in complex multi-jurisdictional patent and drug liability litigation.

We assist our clients in their research and commercialization efforts in matters of legal protection strategy for biotechnological and therapeutic inventions, patent and trademark litigation, organization of contractual relationships between researchers, operators and resource owners, drafting of partnership agreements, technology transfer and technical cooperation agreements and asset transfers.

General or specific social and legal training

Our intellectual curiosity, technicality and pedagogy at the service of our clients for a better growth.

We support the economic diversification of the financial center.

Our training courses in French and English are aimed at players from various economic sectors. We design and adapt them according to a specific relevance defined with our clients.

Thus, we satisfy the demand for new knowledge of our customers for ex:
- RGPD ;
- Open data ;
- Cybersecurity;
- Protection of innovation;
- Management of internal or external investigations;
- E-reputation ;
- Blockchain;
- Eloquence development e.g. contract negotiation, company representation etc..;
- Conflict and litigation management;
- Ethics & Governance; and
- HR & Management post COVID.

General legal practice

Our academic background, our international experience at a Tier 1 level of services in addition to our expertise allows for a wide range of advisory and and litigation practice.

We represent our clients in civil law, commercial practices and criminal business law. We assist our clients in addition to our expertise in distribution law, unfair competition law, press law, image law, advertising law, energy and environmental law and transport and logistics law.

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